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Saturday 27th of November, 2021
10th Biennial Congress of the Belgian Back Society in Liège


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The online registration form (via The Continuing Education Institute Physiotherapy (IPVK)) will only be available in September 2021, as soon as the more recent regulations of COVID-19 are known. 


  • 21th of September, 2021
    Webinar : Improving the timeliness and effectiveness of treatment of individuals with (chronic) musculoskeletal pain
    By Prof. Rob Smeets (Maastricht University and CIR Eindhoven)

  • Tuesday 18th of May, 2021
    Physiopathologie, dépistage et traitement des douleurs neuropathiques
    Florian Bailly

  • Thursday 23th of February, 2021
    Recent developments in somatic tinnitus: diagnosis and treatment
    Sarah Michiels (Universiteit Hasselt)


  • December 1th, 2020 & December 29th, 2020
    Cognitive Functional Therapy in nurses with Persistent Low Back Pain
    Wannes Van Hoof (KU Leuven)

  • August 27th, 2020 & September 10th, 2020
    Muscles extenseurs du cou: actualités sur l'évaluation et la rééducation
    David Colman (Uliege)

  • May 7th, 2020
    Virtual reality and low back pain rehabilitation: current evidence and future opportunities
    Thomas Matheve (PhD, University of Hasselt)


  • 05/12/2019  (CHU Sart-Tilman, 4000 LIEGE)
    Clinical reasoning algorithms to guide students and novice therapists in their management of neck pain patients
    20191024 clinical reasoning

  • 09/05/2019 (Queen Astrid Military Hospital, Brussels)
    Effect of pain neuroscience education combined with cognition targeted exercise therapy on chronic spinal pain: a randomized clinical trial 

    20190509 neuroscience approach


  • 1 December 2018 :
    9th Biennial Congress of the Belgian Back Society
    Selectie 932


  • Peripheral back muscle dysfunctions and central mechanisms : an innovative perspective on differences between recurrent and chronic pain
  • Attitudes and beliefs concerning low back pain among physiotherapy students in Belgium and the Netherlands
  • Prise en charge kinésithérapeutique de la scoliose idiopathique, EBM et cas clinique


  • The 8th congress of the Belgian Back Society.
  • ‘Cervicalgies et raisonnement clinique’ by Renaud Hage (MSc, OMT, PT).
  • 'Technology supported rehabilitation in low back pain' by prof. Annick Timmermans


  • “Optimizing physical and psychosocial assessment in patients with non-specific chronic low back pain” by dr. Bénédicte Van Damme
  • "Tinnitus: The role of the physical therapist in diagnosis and management" by dr. Sarah Michiels


  • “Neck Pain, a 360° view”, 7th International Congress of the Belgian Back Society, Het Pand, Ghent
  • “New insights in improving daily life functioning of patients with low back pain” by Dr. Ivan Huijnen, Maastricht University, NL
  • “Treatment Based Classification for NS-LBP, an evidence based practice approach in OMT” by Benjamin Hidalgo(UCL)


  • “Posture in adolescents : is there a relation to spinal pain?” by Mieke Dolphens, Ghent
  • “Cervical spine roprioception/motor control assessment and exercises” by Laurent Pitance, Liège
  • “Evidence based evaluation and rehabilitation of the cervical radiculopathy” by Erik Thoomes Antwerpen


  • “The management of Low Back Pain, how to deal with heterogeneity”, 6th International Congress of the Belgian Back Society, UCL, Brussels
  • "EBK-practise tools", by Emmanuel Simons (Uvc Brugmann)
  • "Exposure in vivo therapy in chronic low back pain patients: safety first?" by Stéphanie Volders


  • «From Protons to Progression of Exercise - How can MRI guide exercise prescription for neck pain» by Dr Barbara Cagnie (UGent)
  • “Spinal analysis by optical morphometry” by Prof. Jean Legaye
  • "Plasticité cérébrale dans les lombalgies et d'autres syndromes douloureux chroniques" by Cécile Fayt, MD, PhD


  • “Low Back Pain: Clinical Pathway and Muscles’ Story”. 5th International Congress of the Belgian Back Society, Neder-over Heembeek
  • Neck pain in Figther pilots, by Damien van Tiggelen (Dept of Traumatology & Rehabilitation-Military Hospital)
  • Searching for a new conservative approach of failed lumbar disc surgery, by Dr K Bouche PT, MD (University Hospital Ghent)
  • Is volition the missing link in the management of low back pain? By Pr JP Broonen (University of Liège)


  • “Disuse and overuse: two opposite pathways into chronic back pain ? " by Jeanine VERBUNT – Rehabilitation Foundation Limburg (Hoensbroek – The Netherlands)
  • "Evaluation de la kinésiophobie chez le patient lombalgique chronique" by Christophe DUMOULIN – CHU Sart-Tilman (Liège)
  • "Radiofrequency in the management of spine disorders" by BROHON ERIC
  • "Do we get better outcomes by subclassification of LBP patients?" by David VANDEPUT – CHU Sart-Tilman (Liège)
  • "New technologies for the management of low back pain and sciatalgia" by Alexandre JODAITIS


  • “Sciatica: State-of-art” – Het pand – Gent (Gand). 4th International Congress of the Belgian Back Society
  • "Traitement Médical et chirurgical du canal lombaire étroit". By Dr M Marty – Hopital H. Mondor – Créteil (France - Frankrijk)
  • "Contribution à l’évaluation et à la rééducation de la fonction musculaire du sujet lombalgique chronique". By Christophe DUMOULIN – CHU Sart-Tilman (Liège – Luik).
  • L’information des patients lombalgiques aigus : Enquête sur les pratiques déclarées des médecins + Influence de l’information sur les croyances des adolescents sur la lombalgie". By Pr Yves HENROTIN – CHU Sart-Tilman (Liège – Luik)